OBNT is a weekly podcast that delves into classic New Thought literature that continues to inform and inspire Truth students worldwide. 

About The Hosts

Kim-Char Meredith

Producer, Co-Host


It started with finding a copy of Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes tucked on a shelf at the local bookstore 25 years ago; since then, Kim-Char has been a curious and rabid consumer of metaphysical writings, old and new.  Her openness to all things spiritual found her writing “God” songs at the age of 7, singing a capella for her Sunday School friends. Both her early passion for music and later fondness for metaphysical teachings have found expression in her joyfully serving as Music Director of Unity in Naperville for the past nine years and touring nationally, speaking and sharing her original music. Kim-Char is Co-owner of MPAKT Music & Media and the founder of SpiritRise Records.

Rev. Mary Beth Speer


Mary Beth

Rev. Mary Beth Speer, an ordained Religious Science minister, is a metaphysical teacher, speaker, mentor and writer. She received dual Bachelor and Master Degrees in Religious Studies from The Emerson Theological Institute and has been a thought leader in the human potential movement for over 25 years, focusing on the intersection of science and spirituality. She is actively involved in Religious Science and Unity churches in the Chicagoland area, facilitating study groups, teaching accredited Science of Mind classes and is a regularly scheduled Sunday speaker. Rev. Mary Beth is a member of ANTN (Affiliated New Thought Network) and now serves on ANTN’s Board of Directors.

Sharon Dziubski



From her earliest memory, Sharon felt a sense of being just a few degrees beside herself—observing, witnessing and participating—a sense that there was always a Loving Presence in the midst. While traditional religious teachings were wonderful foundations to explore and develop her relationship with God, it wasn’t until she was introduced to New Thought readings and Centering Prayer that the mystical contemplative experience blossomed. Walking into Unity in Naperville six years ago she instantly recognized her heart-song in the symphony of Loving Presence and knew she had come home. She is now on the ministerial track to becoming a Unity minister.